The knowledge of territorial and cultural resources is the starting point of the planning work of Monti & Taft. The activities of Monti & Taft develop in strategic consulting by offering a wide range of innovative services for museums, theaters, cultural organizations, local authorities, government, foundations, corporations and non-profit institutions.


Monti & Taft is a planning company that is responsible for:

– elaborate quantitative and qualitative analysis on supply and demand of culture, with reference to the emerging demand and potential demand for culture;

– Provide technical and legislative assistance to companies and local authorities;

– Support the public administrations and local authorities in the cultural field;

– Assist the central, regional and local authorities in the design of legislation, regulation and support instruments in the cultural field;

– Assist the government, the banking foundations and cultural organizations in measuring and evaluating the impact of its activities;

– To analyze the connections between the world of culture and the business world;

– Assist governments, foundations and cultural organizations in the preparation of its financial statements social

– Assisting companies in the development, implementation and evaluation of their strategies for Corporate Social Responsibility;

– Develop research and analysis on the sustainability of investments and cultural projects.


Monti & Taft is an active organization also in the following areas:


Territorial marketing

– Studies of territorial marketing;

– Development of territorial diagnostics;

– Design of models of governance;

– Development of innovative forms of cultural marketing.



– Development of endogenous models of local development;

– Design of territorial and international cooperation;

– Development of policies of territorial internationalization;

– Development of management plans for BBCC;

– Design of systems for monitoring and evaluation of public policies;

– Critical analysis of the compatibility between cultural policies and overall framework of public action;

– Development of optimization paths of resources for public action in the cultural field.


Monti&Taft joins Borgo Piccolomini Social Club

Monti&Taft assists BIC in developing of a management model of Viterbo’s cultural incubator, Icult.

Monti&Taft with Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam, Universidad de Granada, Istanbul Bilgi University and BVisible, wins the European Call IAPP with a project named Glocalfineart

Development of a three-year management plan for the Castello Visconteo Sforzesco in Novara for the Cultural System Integrated Novarese

rubbettinoMonti & Taft will handle the series “cultural territories” for the publisher Rubettino.

For the series has already been published the book “Beyond the Crisis. Culture, employment, young people in the regions of the South” by Monti S., M. Trimarchi.

BABELEMonti & Taft through his publishing house launches its new publishing channel linked to issues of tourism and innovation Babel, alphabets of travel.

Babel is the meeting point between cultures, visions and styles. It,s a tower that we can build together stirring experiences and desires, words and ideas, stories and betting.

Lightweight luggage, a diary and a sextant accompany us in paths to share.
Our alphabets of travel draw a map to explore with new eyes: ready to browse and contemplate, re-read the way like a treasure chest of opportunities and surprises, both when we walk in our neighborhood either when we venture down under.

We tell what is happening around the world, exchange pictures of our findings, we reason on facts and figures of the move, we converse with travelers and, above all, dreamers.

csrCSR – Culture in Social Responsibility arrives on Twitter to allow a con update on Corporate Social Responsibility.

In fact, Twitter confirms itself one of the major social networks able to inform users on current news and the editorial staff of CSR has decided to take up this challenge. An additional channel where informed, to deepen but also to interact on Corporate Social Responsibility initiated by companies in the cultural field.

Begin to follow us on

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Monti&Taft assists Provincia di Roma in a research about local policy and Cross Innovation and in an elaboration of a Local Actualization Plan