Combining its passion for art with the focus on financial sustainability, Monti&Taft Finance develops a complex set of services with the aim of making the cultural sector increasingly attractive not only for its aesthetic qualities but also for its ability to generate positive economic returns in the medium to long term.



Thanks to a deep understanding of the domestic and global cultural landscape, Monti&Taft Finance develops alternative and innovative investment strategies resulting in: the definition of analysis and researches on art market’s trend, the development of econometric models; identifying profitability indicators; the creation of financial instruments specially designed to meet the needs of those working in culture and tourism businesses.
Monti&Taft Finance is active in various fields like:


Structured Finance

– Implementation of strategies for internal growth;

– Assistance in subsidized financing and not, in Italy and in the European Community;

– Assistance to the Administration and the Cultural Industries on fiscal, tax and corporate issues;

– Management control, external accounting, compliance;

– Restructuring of the balance sheet deficit.


Merger & Acquisition in Cultural & Tourism Industry

– Screening of the market;

– Evaluation of the target company;

– Feasibility Analysis;

– Structuring the transaction;

– Negotiation;

– Assistance from the input stage to the way-out;

– Monitoring the transaction.