The knowledge of territorial and cultural resources is the starting point of the planning work of Monti & Taft. The activities of Monti & Taft develop in strategic consulting by offering a wide range of innovative services for museums, theaters, cultural organizations, local authorities, government, foundations, corporations and non-profit institutions.


Monti & Taft is a planning company that is responsible for:

– elaborate quantitative and qualitative analysis on supply and demand of culture, with reference to the emerging demand and potential demand for culture;

– Provide technical and legislative assistance to companies and local authorities;

– Support the public administrations and local authorities in the cultural field;

– Assist the central, regional and local authorities in the design of legislation, regulation and support instruments in the cultural field;

– Assist the government, the banking foundations and cultural organizations in measuring and evaluating the impact of its activities;

– To analyze the connections between the world of culture and the business world;

– Assist governments, foundations and cultural organizations in the preparation of its financial statements social

– Assisting companies in the development, implementation and evaluation of their strategies for Corporate Social Responsibility;

– Develop research and analysis on the sustainability of investments and cultural projects.


Monti & Taft is an active organization also in the following areas:


Territorial marketing

– Studies of territorial marketing;

– Development of territorial diagnostics;

– Design of models of governance;

– Development of innovative forms of cultural marketing.



– Development of endogenous models of local development;

– Design of territorial and international cooperation;

– Development of policies of territorial internationalization;

– Development of management plans for BBCC;

– Design of systems for monitoring and evaluation of public policies;

– Critical analysis of the compatibility between cultural policies and overall framework of public action;

– Development of optimization paths of resources for public action in the cultural field.