Novembre 2015

Monti&Taft helps the New England Air Museum in developing and implementing a strategic fundraising plan in order to reduce the attrition rate – as emerged in the past years – and consequently improve the the retention Rate of the organization.


Marzo 2015

Monti&Taft assists City sightseeing Napoli in defining the planning and the launch of new mobility project for the Island of Ischia.


Febbraio 2015

Monti & Taft provides  Fondazione Castello Visconteo Sforzesco with technical and legislative assistance. Monti&Taft also provides the municipal administration of the city of Novara with the definition and the structuring of a legal model for the Castello Visconteo.


Gennaio 2015

Monti & Taft supports Made in Cloister, that through the restoration of the sixteenth-century cloister of Santa Caterina in Formiello, aims to combine the work of promotion and innovation of traditional craftsmanship through interaction with artists and designers, with the preservation of architectural heritage.

Novembre 2014

In partnership with ArtVision, a project co-funded by the Adriatic IPA programme (Cross Border Cooperation 2007-2013) , Monti&Taft promotes and enhances audiovisual productions of the channel


October 2014

Monti&Taft supports Quatar Holding in Europe as Advisor about the identification and planning of strategic acquisitions in the fields of Cultural Industries and Tourism Development.


September 2014

Monti&Taft supports Veneto Region for CAMAA Project by defining an Analysis and Guidelines for the sustainable development of Forte Marghera, military’s architecture Heritage located in Venezia Mestre


July 2014

Monti&Taft supports Cabassi Group by providing with skills, knowledge and instruments to implement future corporate’s strategies with the aim of developing an integration between real estate, finance and art services businesses


May 2014

Monti&Taft is BTO 2014’s scientific partner developing and defining topics on Culture, Travel and Territory


March 2014

Monti&Taft in partnership with Sky Arte, is building a mobile app in order to let children and young people learn the world of art and museums with fun and innovation


February 2014

Monti&Taft supports Rivington Place (London) in identifying new financing tools matching the objectives of the Visual Arts Cultural Center’s institutional lenders


January 2014

Monti&Taft contributes with PerMicro to the analysis and evaluation of parameters to access to microcredit and financing supply in favour of creative and tourist enterprises


December 2013
Monti&Taft assists Provincia di Roma in a research about local policy and Cross Innovation and in an elaboration of a Local Actualization Plan


November 2013
Monti&Taft with Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam, Universidad de Granada, Istanbul Bilgi University and BVisible, wins the European Call IAPP with a project named Glocalfineart


October 2013

Monti&Taft becomes a member of the promoter partners of Borgo Piccolomini Social Club, a project which aims to create in the center of Rome a virtuous example of urban regeneration, green, sustainability, social and cultural integration


September 2013
Monti&Taft wins with Creativity in Residence. International Artists-in-Residence Programme the call Visione Urbane to design, organize and realize an international programme of resedence for artists, in partnership with Fondazione Zetema (Matera), Syncronos (Matera) and Spisanie Edno (Sofia, Bulgaria) to increase the value of the young creativity centers of Matera, involved in the Public Notice “Progetti Innovativi”


August 2013
Monti&Taft curates INFAN Museum, in Dakar-Senegal and realizes an economic model for the development of a commercial area next to the museum


July 2013
Monti&Taft curates La casa Totiana with a blueprint for the creation of an international cultural center


June 2013
Monti&Taft curates the organization of the International Geography Festival for Provincia di Novara


May 2013
Monti&Taft makes a research for Provincia di Roma on the Cross Innovation policy implemented in the local area and elaborates a Plan of local implementation


April 2013
Monti&Taft, by his brand Tools for Culture, launches SAM, Strategic Arts Management at The Hub Milan


February 2013
Monti&Taft assists the Superintendence of Architecture, Landscape, History, Art and Etnoanthropology of Napoli to realizes a feasibility study for Caserta and Benevento, oriented to value the local area around the Park of Capodimonte


January 2013
Monti&Taft assists BIC (Business Innovation Center) to develop a management model of ICult of Viterbo


December 2012
Monti&Taft attends to the scientific supervisory board of DNA Italia 2013 project


November 2012
Monti&Taft assists Fondazione del Monte to elaborate a set of criteria for the evaluation and selection of cultural projects


October 2012
Monti&Taft assists Comune di Novara to realize a three-year business plan about the feasibility study of the Castle of Novara


September 2012
Monti&Taft assists City sightseeing Italia for the planning and management of commercial policy


July 2012
Monti&Taft launches the opening of the editorial field and its brand comunication with Infly and Grand Tour Cult magazine


June 2012
Monti&Taft attends to social cooperatives in Trentino, in order to define the possibility of development and to track a sustainable path of stabilization and growth in the cultural field


May 2012
Monti&Taft curates internal and external strategies for Civita Musei, in order to increase and value the innovation of the actions of improving realized


April 2012
Monti&Taft supports Caffeina Festival to define the best legal form for the development of the project and the most efficient management, in prospect of the future of the festival


March 2012
Monti&Taft bonds with Arteprima, cultural association devoted to contemporary art, and supporter of the value of the art for the welfare and growth of the suburbs, urban center and local area


February 2012
Monti&Taft and Svimez sign an agreement to develop common methods to face the theme of cultural factories in the South and the chances of new jobs for specialized young people


February 2012
Monti&Taft through NoLimitsFun srl creates a Scarl with Cilia spa Group, important carrier in the area of Palestrina (Roma), in order to optimize the implementation of the commercial offers of cultural tourism in southern Lazio


January 2012
Monti&Taft contributes to the birth of NoLimitsFun, a new society to keep local operators in contact and to develop projects in the cultural tourism field


December 2011
Monti&Taft supports Epos, the Think Tank on strategy and Italian cultural policy, introduced on 19th of December at Triennale di Milano.
Monti&Taft assists Palaexpo to realize a critical analysis of the public that visits the exibitions organized by the Palazzo delle Esposizioni and Scuderie del Quirinale


November 2011
Monti&Taft backs ATER for the development of a survey on the support of cultural activities in Emilia-Romagna by banking Foundations


October 2011
Monti&Taft works with TicketOne for elaborating a strategy to enhance the selling of the tickets for museums and exhibitions


September 2011
Monti&Taft supports the Museo Omero di Ancona to define a management model and a financial plan for the new museum


July 2011
Monti&Taft helps Comune di Guspini to reach the aim of increase tourism in the area of Compendio Minerario di Montevecchio


June 2011
Monti&Taft works at a restoration project of the Cinema Antoniano for the bishoop’s see of Terni, from an important cinema for the local community, to a multifunctional space


May 2011
Monti&Taft works with Comunicarte for the start up of the museum of hyperspace sculpture Pierelli


April 2011
Monti&Taft assists the plan and development of workshop of the strategic increase of cultural tourism connected with international for TrE – Tourism Real Estate Expo


March 2011
Monti&Taft abets Comune di Fondi (LT) in the improvement of local tourism planning and programming the social and economic development of the city


February 2011
Monti&Taft works with Barbican Centre (London) in the creation of an economic model to value the economic impacts of two new locations which changed their destination use


January 2011
Tools for Culture works for Provincia di Roma planning an evaluation model to estimate the impact of Provincia di Roma activities in the creative Sector


December 2010
Tafter Journal organizes a “Workshop on the cultural economy”, which takes place in Roma, within Mercati di Traiano, on Monday 20 Dec 2010. It is a national convention, with invitations, addressed to the young generation of students and professionals active in the cultural sector. During the convention it has been dealt with the future prospective with a dialectic and synergic approach


November 2010
Monti&Taft helps Invisibilia to develop a strategy for promoting local tourism in the area next to the future Tematic Parck “Rainbow – Magic Land”


October 2010
Monti&Taft is the advisor of Federico II s.r.l. (Palermo)


September 2010
Monti&Taft works at the development of strategies implementing the tourism at the Vanvitelliano complex, for the Superintendecy BAAAS di Caserta


July 2010
Tafter Journal and Fondazione Rosselli organize a meeting “Culture beyond the crisis”, the fisrt of a series of events aimed at the discussion of possible solutions transforming the present situation of crisis into an opportunity for the future


June 2010
The new web-site of Culture in Social Responsibility is on-line
Culture in Social Responsibility re-news his graphic and contents and becomes an editorial channel dedicated at the exploration of the relationship among world of business and world of culture and arts


June 2010
Monti&Taft supports Moccia Group for monitoring business enterprices of the cultural sector of Provincia di Roma


June 2010
Monti&Taft realizes for Federlazio a mapping and evaluation report of the activities carried out by cultural enterprice within Lazio Region


May 2010
Monti&Taft works with Archeoares to enhance strategies of cultural business development


April 2010
Monti&Taft supports CTS Eventim realizing projects to value cultural attractors


March 2010
Monti&Taft assists Tecnoconsult International to realize growth strategies for the internal lines of Parco Telematico dell’Audiovisivo


March 2010
Monti&Taft works for BIC Lazio realizing mapping and evaluation activities about cultural enterprises sited in the Cerveteri and Tivoli areas, within the European Project I.C.E.


February 2010
Monti&Taft works with Unione degli Industriali di Torino for the management of the cultural district of the industrial zone of Torino


February 2010
Monti&Taft helps Teatro Vascello di Roma to develope a Management Plan enhancing the activities of the theater


January 2010
Monti&Taft supports Unioncamere for the choice of a model of governance of STT , in line with the regional territorial programme for the integrated evaluation of culture and environment of Regione Puglia


January 2010
Monti&Taft helps Parco scientifico di Tor Vergata – Roma for the promotion and cooperation in between research and production systems, connected with innovations


December 2009
Monti&Taft gives a business advises and technical assistance to Unioncamere, evaluating the content of the proposal carried out by Sistemi Turistici Locali in Regione Puglia


October 2009
Monti&Taft realizes for MiBAC a service of cultural and economic evaluation regarding the projects of local development and management, and improvement of local cultural systems


September 2009
Monti&Taft helps Sviluppo Lazio in the analysis of the interventions for the development and promotion of GAC- Grandi Attrattori Culturali within Regione Lazio (POR FESR 2007-2013 Activity II.5)


June 2009
Monti&Taft supports Unimed focalizing models of management and sustainable development of the ancient theaters and the archeological heritage, specifically in the sites of Bulla Regia in Tunisia and Siwa in Egypt


May 2009
Monti&Taft helps Invitalia with the stategic pilot project “Poli museali di eccellenza del mezzogiorno” (Museum Center of excellence in the South of Italy)


April 2009
Monti&Taft works with BIC Lazio for the identification and support to creative enterprises active in Regione Lazio


March 2009
Museo Civico di Bracciano relies on Monti&Taft the management of the integrated services additional of the museum


February 2009
Monti&Taft helps Provincia del Medio Campidano in the drafting of a plan for the strategic devolopment of cultural activities


January 2009
Monti&Taft supports the cultural project 41° Parallelo dei Tetes de Bois, organizing the activities of planning and improvement