Strategic Arts Management

Tools for Culture has developed Strategic Arts Management master class, innovative format aimed at deepening the cultural strategies with laboratory and non-traditional training approaches. The project SAM master class responds to the need for new design concepts and new approaches to effectively explore the markets and the scenarios of the culture and society in the coming years.


Dialogic working sessions, tables of debate and networking opportunities are the essential components of the format, totally focused on the exchange and sharing of experiences and skills, aiming to transform technique information into knowledge strategically oriented.


The experts involved in Strategic Arts Management have a background in international experiences and represent excellence in the design and cultural management. They are the action learning coach, facilitator of educational processes , which help the individual and the group to focus on the key points of learning, suggesting multidisciplinary approaches.


SAM master class exceeds the logic of the classroom and takes place in unconventional places, spaces of knowledge and experience sharing, aimed at encouraging growth and cultural and professional updating of the participants, orienting strategies and actions towards specific objectives and increasing the capacity to deal with a system in profound transformation.


Strategic Arts Management Master Class is a project based on three main venues, Milan, Bologna and Rome, in each of which the program – while maintaining a constant attention to the scenarios and overall needs of the emerging markets of art and culture- has features and objectives, not identical but complementary, focusing on the crucial issues of the culture.
In the other Italian areas, the format, and the high scientific quality of SAM master class recur on the emerging needs of the individual territorial specificities.


What are the next editions of SAM master class?


SAM master class in November is doubled to provide two interesting opportunities in the cities of Bologna and Rome! Are you interested in participating? Discover dues discounts and see if you qualify to be able to take advantage!
The reduced fee for participation is 280 € (including VAT) and is applicable to the following categories:


FOR BOLOGNA> SAM master class “SOCIAL ENTERPRISE AND CULTURAL” rating > Novembre 8th and 9th, 2013
– Students of the University of Bologna, enrolled in a degree / master relating to the Management Faculty of Economics and Statistics, Political Science, Psychology and Educational Sciences, Humanities and Cultural Heritage;
Companies, associations or non-profit organizations who would like to enroll in the master class 2 or more employees;
– Subscribers to the Teatro Duse in Bologna (DUSEprosa, DUSEsette RED, BLUE DUSEsette) for the theatrical season 2013/2014.


TO ROME> SAM master class “BRANDING, CRAFTING, FUNDING THE ARTS”> 23 and 24 November 2013
– College students enrolled in a degree / master relating to the Faculty of Economics and Marketing, Humanities, Communication Sciences, University of Rome La Sapienza, University of “Tor Vergata” and University of Roma Tre;
Companies, associations or non-profit organizations who would like to enroll in the master class 2 or more employees;
– “Supporters” of Romaeuropa Festival who purchase a voucher (cross-media, 4 inputs, 6 inputs, Full).


The More, The Better!
You convinced a friend to participate? If you and other friends decide to subscribe, regardless of the categories described above, you are entitled to take advantage of the discounted fee!


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