SAM- Strategic arts management

After the success of the Strategic Arts Management master class which was held in Milan on 4th and 5th of May this year, Tools for Culture arrives with the SAM project in two other Italian cities, Bologna and Rome, bringing his unique format to address two crucial issues in the context of culture.

Bologna (8 and 9 of November 2013)
Maintaining a constant attention to the scenario in which new cultural markets and new social demands interface with the economy of the territories, SAM master class “The social enterprise and cultural”, which will take place in the cultural heart of Bologna (Urban Centre- Piazza Maggiore) on the 8th and 9th of November 2013, aims to effectively explore the role that culture and commitment to the social cover as strategic driver capable of redefining processes, products and actions of the company which places its technical infrastructure to serve the growing demand for sharing and participation.

Rome (November 23th and 24th , 2013)
In the Capital issues linked to the cultural marketing are the most important, the cultural system tends more and more to create a new strategic approach that starts from the comparison with the markets, the analysis and understanding of the needs of potential users and the ability to create real and a flexible dialogue with its stakeholders.The path of SAM masterclass “branding, crafting, funding”, which will be held in Rome on 23 and 24 November, offers a heated debate by analyzing the technical and cultural markets and the definition of the components of a cultural product, and passing through the critical analysis of the concept of cultural brand and of the rules of intellectual property and creative commons, will end with the themes of crafting (careful construction of artistic projects), fundraising / crowdfunding and communication of the product. The space that will host the master class, the Opificio Telecom is, not surprisingly, an example of absolute success than the topics discussed, as model of co-branding between the Foundation Romaeuropa and Telecom Italia.

In short all programs and registration forms will be published on the official page