Strada Verde is an enhancement project sponsored by the Mountain Community of Lakes of Bergamo’s area, Italy, and by GAL4 for the promotion of a sustainable and tourist route in the territory of the lakes between food, landscape and cultural resources.


The project, coordinated by the architect Massimiliano Mandarini, is divided into several project actions:

Guidelines and a new model of communication and innovative tourist signs starting from new information design products at different scales (entrance doors, rest areas, information points, portals, totem) for the public and private spheres.

Publications and guides in the area on the tourist places and rural areas with paper and digital products.

App and a paper-based support for the navigation and information of the territory crossed by the project “Strada Verde”.

A videostory of rural culture and tourist spots collecting fragments of life and economy places crossed by route developed using innovative techniques such as drones.

Participatory planning and teaching involving the schools on the themes of cultural values ??of the rural landscape in areas such as fisheries, olive oil production, wine, cheese and corn.


Thursday, 24 and Friday, July 25, 2014, on the shores of Lake Iseo in Lovere, a double event to promote the project through a workshop with the participation of the President of the Mountain Community, Simone Scaburri, the Mayor of Lovere, Giovanni Guizzetti and the Minister of Agriculture, Food and Forestry, Maurizio Martina.

Professionals and industry experts will discuss the new models of tourism and territorial marketing such as economy, design and mobile technologies.

At the end of the evening a scenic vintage boat aperitif that will show the views of the more unusual landscape of Lake Iseo. During the second day a short walking along the Lake Endine, from Spinone to Monasterolo among reeds, castles and vineyards where journalists and industry experts meet in an informal and relaxing environment.


An en plain air tale of food, landscape, cultural and tourist attractions of the Strada Verde.

Upon arrival in Monasterolo a tasting of local products.


Workshop and Walking


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