Going beyond the logic of the GDP (gross domestic product) as an indicator of well-being no longer appropriate and adopt that of Fil (GNH, gross national happiness). This will be the theme of the first FIL FEST Catania, November 5 to 7, hosted by Zo Center for Contemporary Culture, organized and self-produced by the Hub, Sicanex and Zo under the patronage of the Municipality of Catania in collaboration with the University of Catania and the Fondazione Adriano Olivetti.


FIL FEST (filfest.org) agenda is very busy:


Tuesday, November 5th, the meeting with the economist at the University of Cagliari Vittorio Pelligra on “Human development: civil bases for economic growth”, then the presentation of research on corporate social responsibility in Catania, “Company that creates value”, by the European Volunteer Service Center and focus on “Donations: 100% tax advantages” with Michele Trimarchi (Università della Magna Grecia di Catanzaro), Ivan Lo Bello (Confindustria), Gaetano Mancini (Confcooperative) e Antonio Perdichizzi (Confindustria Giovani Catania).


Wednesday, November 6th,  shooting with two meetings with university students (valid for obtaining credits), but open to the public: Beyond the crisis with Michele Trimarchi and Finance and democracy: the conditions for a possible combination with Giampietro Pizzo (Microfinance).

Michele Trimarchi present the book “Beyond the Crisis – culture, employment, young people in the southern regions” published by Rubbettino and edited by Michele Trimarchi and Stefano Monti showing cases in the realities who have managed to make the crisis a new opportunity to development.


Thursday, November 7th opens with What happens when you exit a museum? The contribution of arts in the every day life with Camilla Bettiga (Art for Business), so the meeting-debate How are the policies for the South at the time of their economic unsustainability? (Intervenes Carlo Borgomeo, Fondazione con il Sud); to follow it comes to Information and Good News with Giorgio Simonetti (Report – RAI-3). Close up with DJ sets and the final party.


Full agenda on filfest.org.

Live radio: Radio Lab (www.radiolab.it and FM 101,00) every afternoon.

Live Twitter: #filfest