Hedonism and Utility

GLOCALFINEART Rome Scientific Meeting 

July 7-8, 2014

Hedonism and Utility is the first Italian meeting of GLOCALFINEART, a European project.

In Rome on July 7th and 8th we will focus on new contemporary arts’ markets, exploring the frontiers, the opportunities for business and the investments in the sector.


GLOCALFINEART was born and developed within the Marie Curie Industry-Academia Partnerships and Pathways (IAPP) programme to facilitate the matching between academic institutions and the business community by promoting a synergy of knowledge, expertise and know-how.


The agenda of the meeting includes the participation of international experts.

Partners involved will attend: Erasmus University of Rotterdam, Faculty of History, Culture and Communication, Universidad de Granada, Faculty of Fine Arts, Bvisible, ICT company that deals with mathematical models and Monti&Taft, a consulting firm in the cultural sector.


The project GLOCALFINEART want to investigate the complexities of the art market, a sector which looks like still fragmented, non-transparent and with strong barriers to entry. The objective of the research is therefore to create an econometric model which, based on the collected data, can develop assessments and estimates of future trends.