Contemporary art is a driver for a real economic development and, particularly, for urban economy. On October the 13th during a conference at B.A.S.E., the Research Centre of Museo MAXXI in Rome, we will discuss on these themes.


The contemporary art industry, indeed, has a turnover of more than a million dollars per year and a specific weight that is increasingly influencing the internal dynamics of the economic system. Italy cannot continue to ignore this phenomenon without a strategic view. To find a solution, transferring responsibilities on the public sector is no more possible. On the contrary, the representative of the private sector must play a frontline role to collect different interests and convey them in a shared policy.


With this meeting, Monti&Taft makes a confrontation between the actors in the interested economical areas, to discuss about the development guidelines and about efficient actions that will impress new impulses and vital assets to the Nation.


These are the guests who will display the dynamics and the perspectives of the actions required: Giovanna Melandri (President of MAXXI Fundation), Michele Trimarchi (Economist – Alma Mater Studiorum Bologna), Silvia Evangelisti (Curator and Art Historian – Alman Mater Studiorum Bologna), Massimo Sterpi (Partner – Jacobacci&Associates), Carlo Gasparrini (Urbanist – Federico II University, Naples), Margherita Guccione(Director MAXXI Architecture), Marilena Pirrelli (Funder at ArtEconom24), Marilena Vecco (Erasmus Universitty of Rotterdam), Giacomo Di Benedetto (BVisible),  Stefano Monti (Economist, Monti&Taft).


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